In March of 2006 I found a car tucked under a tarp in a tiny town just south of me in the Hudson Valley. I thought I recognized the shape as an old TVR and further investigation proved that suspicion. My initial attempts to purchase the car were unsuccessful, but early in 2007 the TVR's current owner and I came to an agreement. What I thought would be an interesting restoration project has turned into an archeological expedition. The car had a roll cage and racing tires so I thought it might have been raced at some time. After much work to uncover this car's provenance and history, I found that it raced all the time! During this process I have talked to dozens of friendly and helpful people who have not only made this project possible, but an absolute blast. I have gathered receipts, race documents, photos, and more. While I expected to have the car restored by now, I have spent a large portion of my time doing research.

I invite you to join me on my journey. My intent is to share as much information and entertainment as I can. I'm just getting started with this site but, like the car, I expect it to be a work in progress for quite some time. Stop back as I post detailed logs, documents, photos, videos, and anything else I can come up with related to the TVR Grantura MKIIa!

There is now a parts interchange list in the 'Restoration' log



        UPDATED  June 14, 2013