1970 Vixen S2    The next project - a 1970 Vixen S2 - Purchased June 13, 2015   The trip home from pickup in Northport, Long Island   #LVX 1554/4    1600 Crossflow Ford engine




At home - the dissassembly - strip down to bare chassis - surface rust and some bad tubes but only the outside ones.




Bare chassis out to media blasting - and picking up finished




Chassis home - repair and replace rusted chassis tubes




POR 15 painted chassis




Suspension parts, some had to be cut apart. Piece by piece bead blast and paint, new bearings, bushings, seals.




Brakes, hard part was getting it all apart.



finishing up the corners. no shock/springs yet so made spacer bar to hold car up.


On its feet




New brake lines and hoses



Body just sitting on chassis   next step is painting, then start the re-assembly

(on right is a '55 Porsche/Devin bodied racecar, one of 4 )